Get a licenсe for idea !

Dear users,

We would like to appreciate you for inputs to make DEXMA a better solution. Input can be in the form of idea, suggestion, remark.

Anyone who gives recommendations what can be developed in DEXMA, shares new ideas what can be improved, finds any malfunctions in the system will be granted with free licenсes. Your one input will be exchanged for one free licenсe. One licenсe is applicable for one user and valid in one month period. So the point for you here is to gather as many ideas as possible. Why not pay with your ideas for licenсes ?

You can post ideas on your own blog, our community-forum or submit bunch of them to When you decide to exchange your ideas for licences please provide us with links where you shared your views (blog, forum) by email or email us bunch of ideas and do not forget to mention type of licenсe (number of users and months), system configuration and deployment type. Inform us on your company name, your address and license start date as well. We will count your ideas and come back with number of licenсes relevant to number of your ideas and as to our rules (see NB below).

Example: you have come up with 20 suggestions. Please send those 20 to or give us a link(s) where you have shared them publicly, type of license "Design and manufacturing management", deployment on DEXMA server, 5 users for 4 months, {My company}, {my address} , {licenсe start date}.

Send us your ideas until the end of 2013 !

NB 1. You can sum up your ideas with ideas of your colleagues and turn all of them into free licences.
NB 2. We will accept only those suggestions that were not published publicly earlier. Suggestions that you email us will be posted on our forum immediately.
NB 3. We accept suggestions related only to design and manufacturing functionalities of our system.