July updates and upcoming news

DEXMA team never stops on making our PLM solution a better one and serving up-to-date market needs. We have worked hard to improve functionality and fix what we have mislooked before.

New in version 1.1  (July 12, 2013):

1. Parts suppliers can see who is using their components;                                      
2. Information in the tables can be viewed page by page;
3. Log action is possible in Archive;
4. In Archive you can see changes related to the tasks they were made in;
5. Automatic inclusion of in-house developed parts into relevant section of BOM;
6. New contextual help call-ups have been added under corporate structure and job market;
7. User can see the companies he is involved in (as a contractor or in corporate structure);
8. Leave the company (quit with the company);
9. Restoring your password is available;
10. Do faster search in catalogs;
11. You can export logistic operations under warehouse application (arrivals, movements, write-offs, inventory check) into xml file to be used in other systems;
12. Under Manufacturing, Purchases, Warehouse, Sales, Manufacturing planning applications you can see MRP table for the whole stock-list of chosen warehouse or department (unit). You can save data in xls format.

By September we are going to launch OPEN PROJECT functionality where users can bring ideas, suggestions and feedback for project which is open for everyone. We decided to bring crowdsourcing approach to our solution and we are planning to realize it in DEXMA soon.

Number of interested companies is increasing day by day. We are getting valuable feedback from them and put into work.