3D printed models designed with DEXMA

DEXMA Labs is following the trends in manufacturing, design and engineering. Additive manufacturing is not left aside. In the end of last year we addressed users with a kind of a contest to utilize DEXMA as project management platform and apply crowdsourcing principles to product ideation and design. Most proactive users were granted with 3D models as a gifts from our company. Below are 2 examples of those models:

One of our users went beyond design and engineering of industrial objects and applied DEXMA capabilities to design musical instrument:

Гитара 3D  модель в системе ДЕКСМА

WALL-E robot designed by one of our users presented below as printed 3D model:

Робот Валли 3D модель в системе ДЕКСМА

It goes without saying that 3D printing industry will have a wide range of application in many industries in the upcoming future. First of all because it has commercial impact - everyone wants to have new products designed good enough and quite fast to be on the shelf or used on everyday life and at a lower cost.

Source of the images and article is here.