Integration with HOOPS Communicator

We are pleased to announce integration with world`s leading 3D software development toolkit from Tech Soft 3D – HOOPS Communicator that is cloud-based application to view, inspect and share 3D CAD data on the fly.

What is available with HOOPS Communicator ?

Now you can quickly incorporate 3D data viewing, collaboration, conversion, interrogation and translation in DEXMA without the need for any specialized 3D knowledge or expertise.

Key features of HOOPS Coomunicator are:

  • Supporting reading of over 20 CAD file formats (including CATIA, NX, Pro/E, SolidWorks and STEP)
  • Enabling viewing of these CAD files through zero-client web browsers as well as mobile devices
  • Allowing intelligent access to assemblies, parts, model structure, PMI and metadata

For more information please visit Tech soft 3D website or contact DEXMA team.