DEXMA version 1.6 release

We announce new release of DEXMA PLM. So what`s new in version 1.6 ?

1. Email notifications are enabled for users - 1) when task status is changed (to assigned, in process, finished (completed), revoked etc) and 2) workresults are published and confirmed.

2. Corporate version update: user has granted a permission to change route to local work folder and input his email. No need to have administrator rights to perform these two actions.

3. Getting (extracting) product structure is available both in Cost Calculation Application and Product Structure Editor.

4. When attaching assembly file to object (component) of product structure (assembly) 3D model of this file will be generated automatically.

5. Materials, purchased parts and in-house developed parts are applied automatically to relevant BOM sections when adding those from catalogs, extracting from CAD, getting product structure from product cost estimations and copy-paste actions in product structure.

6. When getting product structure from CAD user can change type of objects (generate part as element of purchased part catalog instead of generating it as in-house developed parts catalog)

7. Simplified notifications on editability of product sctructure objects or documents are enabled when adding (attaching) objects/documents to new task. All notifications are displayed in one window and can be closed in one click.